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Calypso is a real-time cross-asset trading and risk management system providing a single solution for both front and back office management. With the ability to be fully customisable Calypso is the choice product for operations such as product structuring, pricing, P&L analysis, cash management and reporting.

Being a cross-asset system Calypso provides a single system for capital market products. Some of the benefits derived from this single system are:

  • Eliminating the expense of installing and maintaining individual systems for other product classes.
  • Reduces installation and maintenance costs
  • Reduces operational risk
  • Provides a consolidated view of risk in a centralised system across multiple products.

Risk Management

Calypso also provides risk management measures. With Calypso VaR (Value at Risk) a risk manager is able to view key risk measures for his portfolio and explain where the source of the risk is using current snapshots. Calypso is able to provide all this power through its thin-client workstation.

Front to back solution

Calypso provides a single solution that supports the entire trade life cycle from deal entry to back office operations. Many financial institutions have multiple subsidiaries. Most of them also separate their front, middle and back office operations. The cost of maintaining these systems can be enormous. With Calypso's

  • Maintenance cost is reduced
  • A single dedicated processing centre is maintained.
  • Multiple organisations and subsidiaries can be maintained.

Technology and Architecture

Calypso architecture is based on Java technology. A highly stable API is provided by the vendor which means Calypso is able to be tailored for your organisation's specific needs. With Calypso's diagnostics, disaster recovery through stateless storage of persistent data, the availability of the Calypso API and Calypso's security measures you'll find Calypso is a secure yet flexible system that helps your organisation manage change.