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Our people usually form part of project teams which includes members from our clients. We work with our client stakeholders to understand their requirements, design solutions to meet those requirements, build the solutions, test the solutions, deliver them to the clients and help the clients maximise the benefit of the solutions. 

Herewith a few examples of what some of our consultants have thought about their roles.

Financial Markets Developer
‘As a developer in the financial markets industry, I find that the industry is fast moving and that there are many new technologies that I have exposure to. It means that there is a lot of creativity and research involved to build the correct solution. Sometimes blending the technologies is quite involved and I do not always get the solution straight away.

Alongside technology I have exposure to the business of Trading and Risk Management and this gives me new skills that give me domain experience. During my time, I have built software to assist production management systems and tools to facilitate automated regression testing.
The work environment is always challenging and I find myself learning new things every day’

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Financial Markets Business Analyst
‘As a business analyst I investigate business problems resulting from the Trading and Risk Management business. This involves process mapping, designing business flows, preparation of business requirements specifications, running JAD (joint application design) workshops, resolution of problems day to day with the business as well as testing of problem issues.

I did not have any previous financial markets experience and the learning curve is quite steep. I have to think on my feet and find resourceful ways to learn during my own time. This helps me understand the vocabulary which was very new to me.
The exposure to work directly with the business units has been very exciting and I am learning something new every day.’

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Financial Markets Project Manager
‘I had previous experience of running Projects for a number of investment banks in the past. The environment is constantly changing and people are always trying to do multiple projects with confined resources.

Clear communication and delivery management is key to success in driving projects to conclusion. There are always disappointments in Project Management and it is important to be realistic about this and plan for it.

There are often long hours involved and the feeling of successful completion and navigating all the hurdles is the reason that brings me to work each day.’

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Financial Markets Support Analyst
‘I work in a large team that is responsible for keeping the Bank’s systems online and error free. There are 45 systems used throughout the bank and I look after a large number of them. My role is to ensure that there are high service delivery levels and that users to not encounter difficulties.

Sometimes there is very long hours involved including weekend work. This might happen when a new system is introduced or an old one is upgraded. Both of them create new issues and it is always a bit exciting when this happens. It is difficult to predict what might happen when things are done for the first time.
By working on so many different systems, I get exposure to many different technologies and concepts. I am always learning something new and have demanding responsibilities which makes the role rewarding at the most difficult times.’

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Quantitative analyst
‘My role involves the numerical analysis and pricing of financial instruments that are used in the bank. The systems that the bank use for this purpose are designed to deal with these issues but when new systems are introduced, they have to be tested thoroughly. Sometimes the mathematics behind the computation can be optimised through assumptions and this helps when the calculations are lengthy but the time available for computation small.

I often work directly with the traders and design pricing models when new products are introduced by the bank. This requires me to understand the financial products and also the mathematics of pricing them.’

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